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JA0-System ®
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A simple PC program drives your model railroad layout:

You are rather not a computer specialist?

You are very concerned with computers?

You do not have yet any layout, you are a beginner?

You are a passionate model railroader?

You already own a layout and model trains?

Your layout is small (4 tracks sections) or large and complex (up to 128 sections and 128 turnouts, JAO-System is the solution you have been waiting for since a long time!

What is JAO-System?

What can you do with JAO-System?

How to know JAO-System?

Created in 1987, JAO-Système®, which showed its reliability, continues its evolution according to the requests of the members of the International Club of the JAO-System Users (association governed by the French law of 1901) and of the customers of S.a.r.l. JAO-systems.

The International Club of the Users of the JAO-System

President: Jean Pierre CHABERT , 75008 PARIS

Deputy president: Jean-Marie Charon, 8 Avenue Ingres - F 77340 Pontault-Combault.

Club's accountant: and secretary: George Théoleyre, 7 Allée Bougainville - F 93270 SEVRAN.
Email: Website:
Information: Yves Brochard,
Email: Website:

The users of the JAO-System

Who are they? You and me and clubs of railway modellers as the one of Lyon (AMFL) where was held the congress of 1994, Chatellerault, Belfort. The users of the JAO-System mean a great family where the experiment of each one benefits the others by the life of the club and the diffusion of information (Club's report).

How will JAO-System manage your layout?

A software and electronic product which will revolutionise your approach of railroad modelling: it finally will make rime Reality with Model!

The club of the users: the force and the survival insurance of the system

Club's congresses in 2002
Inscriptions to secretary:

19 October 2002

Annual Congress of the CLUB inside the locomotives deposit of the "Gare de Lyon" in Paris

   JAO-system is produced and sold by the limited liability company :

JAO-SYSTEME, Rue du 6ème R.I.C., F. 25150. ECOT.



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